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  1. Our October BOTM - Impact Acoustic!

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  2. Places with Great Acoustics

    Let's explore some acoustically sound places!
  3. Meridian x Muffle

    Check out our work with Meridian Interiors!
  4. Our September BOTM - TMPC

    Learn more about The Meeting Pod Co as our BOTM!
  5. Where Should I Place Acoustic Panels?

    Find out the tricks of the trade!
  6. Commercial Soundproofing Solutions

    Learn how to soundproof a commercial space
  7. Are Sound Absorption Panels Effective?

    Learn loads of tips and tricks!
  8. Soundproofing vs. sound absorbing

    Learn all the differences
  9. Can A Room Be Completely Soundproof?

    Learn all the methods
  10. How Do You Install Acoustic Panels

    Learn how you can reduce sound!
  11. 3 Ways to Use MuffleCork by Corkbee

    Not sure how to bring MuffleCork into your home?
  12. MuffleMerch Offer T+C's

    Find the T+C's for our MuffleMerch offer here!
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