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  1. Introducing objectiv

    We are proud to welcome objectiv to the Muffle family!
  2. Introducing MuffleCork by Corkbee

    We are excited to bring you MuffleCork by Corkbee!
  3. A Guide to Acoustics in Education

    A Guide to the importance of good acoustics in a learning environment
  4. Introducing The Woolly Shepherd

    We are excited to welcome the award winning The Woolly Shepherd to Muffle, read more here!
  5. Business COVID-19 Update

    Muffle business update following the recent Coronavirus guidance
  6. November BOTM - Snowsound

    Introducing Muffle's Brand of the Month! November's BOTM is Snowsound!
  7. Introducing Freund

    Biophilia meets acoustics with Freund!
  8. October BOTM - Gencork

    Introducing Muffle's Brand of the Month! October's BOTM is Gencork!
  9. How to work well from home

    A guide on how to get the best out of working from home!
  10. Introducing BAUX

    Sustainable and functional, find out more about Baux!
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