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  1. February BOTM - BAUX

    Introducing our Brand of the Month for February!
  2. How To: Home Cinemas

    Making your home cinema perfect.
  3. We're Hiring! Technical Sales Adviser

    Join the growing sales team!
  4. 2021 Office Trends

    Our predictions for what the 2021 office will look like!
  5. January BOTM - 14six8

    Our very first Brand of the Month of 2021 - 14six8!
  6. COVID-19 Update

    Muffle update following national lockdown news
  7. December BOTM - ROOM

    Introducing Muffle's Brand of the Month - ROOM!
  8. Acoustics and Wellbeing

    Learn how acoustics are the key to happy staff
  9. A Guide to Soundproofing

    Learn what soundproofing is and why it's so important!
  10. Noisy Neighbours? What Can You Do?

    Do your neighbours have children running around for what seems like 24 hours a day? Muffle can help!
  11. An Introduction to Acoustics

    We talk a lot about acoustics, but what exactly is it?
  12. Introducing objectiv

    We are very proud to welcome objectiv to the Muffle family!
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