Happy New Year!

We hope 2022 brings more creative ideas and stunning aesthetics to the spaces around you. Speaking of which, what is 2022 going to bring to the world of interior design?

Interior Design Trends of 2022

Interior design trends are ever-changing so it can be difficult to accurately forecast what trends will be appearing over the year. However, at Muffle, we have some confident predictions about the interior design trends of 2022.

5 of the biggest design trends we expect to see in 2022 are…

  1. Sustainability
  2. Biophilia (bringing the outdoors inside)
  3. Retro aesthetics
  4. Slatted Designs
  5. Japandi

Sustainable Interior Design

Sustainability has been an increasing concern for many people, especially in recent years, so it’s no surprise that when it comes to purchasing, people will opt for products that are environmentally friendly over ones that aren’t.

At Muffle, being environmentally friendly is an essential part of our business. That’s why our Muffle branded products always have sustainability at the forefront of their designs. An excellent example of this is our acoustic pinboards these are made from 40% recycled material! Even better, any time you purchase an acoustic product from our website, we plant an oak tree!


Biophilia is the urge for people to connect with nature and this can play a massive part in the way we decorate our surroundings, especially with interior design. Bringing the outside in isn’t a new concept however one that we believe will really take off in popularity this year!

We want to make sure you get the very best “Made in nature” products even if you’re staying home. That’s why we created MuffleMoss, a product that creates a feeling of nature whilst serving as an acoustic solution with its natural sound absorbing qualities. You can even go as far as making your own jungle with BuzziSkin because no one said ‘bringing outdoors in’ has any limits!

Go Wild

Retro is returning! We’ve seen a clear trend in the return of retro styles and fearless maximalism. When it comes to interior design, retro styles filled with bold patterns and multiple colours isn’t for everyone but if it does fit the bill for you, your home or office is definitely going to be in style this year!

There is so much you can do with a bold design to create an outstanding feature wall or focal point. For a splash of colour, try the sustainable 3d wall tiles from Baux. With plenty of colour options to choose from you can let your imagination run wild and mismatch to your heart’s content.

If you prefer to keep things balanced, why not try a style closer to nature? Hexagons are a classic shape found in nature that can take your interior design to another level. We suggest taking a look through our range of Fluffo products. They offer so many designs, colours and combinations you’ll feel spoilt for choice! We offer a range of their hexagon wall tiles that are sustainable, high-quality, unique and highly customisable.

Slatted Designs

Slatted designs became increasingly popular in 2021 but there are no signs of this trend slowing down. Creating an extra layer of texture to a room using wall panelling is a great way to elevate a space. The long slats are also great for giving the appearance of higher ceilings and more spacious rooms. One of the best products to achieve that beautiful, elegant, slatted effect is MuffleTimber. These acoustic wall panels are ideal for creating a gorgeous feature wall or simply adding a little extra pizazz to a room.


Japandi is an often unheard of but outstanding style of interior design that creates the perfect marriage between Scandinavian functionality and Japanese minimalism. There is no better acoustic product representing functionality of the Scandinavian style and the simplicity of the Japanese philosophy than Baux Pulp Origami. Not only do these acoustic wall panels add warmth to your home’s interior, but they can also transform your office into a minimalistic yet welcoming space.

Our top 5 interior design trends of 2022 are sustainability, biophilia, retro aesthetics, slatted design and Japandi. Some of these trends have been around for years but we expect them to really pick up this year! On the other hand, trends such as Japandi are a lot newer, but once you’ve seen their possibilities you’ll be hopping straight on the trend. Interior design trends will always come and go but by creating an interior that not only follows the trend but is one that you love and admire, it will never go out of style.