When we think of acoustics, what comes to mind is traditional eggbox foam placed sporadically on the walls of a recording studio, but this isn’t all what acoustics are. Acoustics are everywhere and can be anything, even lighting 

By creating a lighting feature constructed from acoustic materials, our brands have brought together two functional design elements into one attractive decoration. Whether you’re looking for a piece perfect for creating a soft, ambient restaurant or a modern office, we have so many beautiful acoustic lighting solutions for you to choose from. 




Abstracta's Trumpet acts as a reversed trumpet – instead of producing sound, it absorbs sound. With a solid wood body and an acoustic core made from recycled fabric waste, this suspended light fixture offers great sound absorption 

The Trumpet is one of the only acoustic lighting solutions available with a combination of both up and down lighting, meaning it is perfectly customisable to the needs of your space.  




If you are looking for an acoustic solution that blends completely in with your existing décor, then the BuzziShade is the solution for you.  

To the average person, this may seem like just a regular lampshade, but BuzziSpace have took it upon themselves to ‘reinvent the wheel’ and combine lighting with an absorbent felt shade to create a seamless acoustic lighting solution.  




Are you torn between a suspended raft or an acoustic lighting solution? MuffleLight combines both witits circular cut out design, perfect for hanging a lighting fixture. These art deco inspired rafts are available in over 60 wonderful colours. Why not hang them in a cluster or choose multiple colours to create your own unique installation?  




Delivering sound control with architectural edge and taking over 2 hours to make by hand, BuzziPleat uses traditional techniques seen in fashion design to create architectural folds, which offers great acoustic performance.  

A truly showstopping solution, there is no other product like the BuzziPleat. 


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