Acoustic panels (aka sound-absorbing panels) and diffuser panels both work to achieve the same outcome – an enhanced sound environment with better speech quality and less reverberation. However, they work in very different ways to achieve this outcome. So, what’s better to use – acoustic panels or diffuser panels?

What is an Acoustic Panel?

acoustic panels vs diffuser panels

An acoustic panel is a sound-absorbing panel that helps to reduce background noise, echo, and reverberation. They are soft-furnished and are heavily used in places such as recording studios, cinemas, and offices to create a quieter environment. As an incredibly popular form of acoustic treatment, they’re available in all kinds of designs and colours to suit the interior décor of your space.

What is an Acoustic Diffuser Panel?

acoustic panels vs diffuser panels

Acoustic panels absorb energy, whereas diffuser panels dissipate it. When sound hits a diffuser panel, the sound waves are scattered as they return to the room. These jumbled reflections reduce the chance of echo and reverb, improving sound quality and speech clarity.

Should I Use Acoustic Panels or Diffuser Panels?

Consider Your Goal

Deciding whether to use acoustic wall panels or diffuser panels can be tricky as they both achieve very similar outcomes. Determining your primary acoustic goal can help you make your decision.

For example, in an office it’s likely that your biggest aim is to reduce background noises to create a better working environment for employees. In this case, acoustic panels would be more fitting as they are better designed to reduce noise levels. Alternatively, if your primary goal is to improve a room’s overall sound quality and speech clarity, acoustic diffuser panels would be more appropriate to help you achieve this.

Think About Aesthetics

Interior design is usually an important consideration for a lot of people when it comes to their acoustic solutions. Acoustic wall panels and diffuser panels both feature very different aesthetics. Diffuser panels are sharper and a little more visually intense whereas acoustic wall panels are softer, smooth and flat providing a more subtle interior. Both types of panels look stunning, but one is likely to suit your aesthetics better than the other.

Where Can I Buy Acoustic Panels and Diffuser Panels?

Now you know which type of panel is best for your space, it’s time to buy! If you’ve concluded that an acoustic panel is the better option for your space, we have a broad range of acoustic panels to choose from on our website. If diffuser panels would work better for you, we recommend these stunning handmade wooden diffuser panels!