With schools returning and a sense of normality on the horizon, here are some of our favourite products for making your classroom acoustically comfortable, distanced and overall, better looking!  

Acoustic Pinboards 


Multifunctional acoustic pinboards are easy to install and available in a broad range of neutral and bright colours allowing you to find a solution that matches your school colours. With optional waterjet cutting and digital printing, our team can help you to have your very own school-branded pinboard! Perfect for important notices and information! 

Silent Socks  


We've all been in a classroom when the bell rings and a flurry of chairs scrape across the floor as we prepare to leave school for the day. What if there was something to prevent this noise? Silent Socks are the answer! Available in 3 colours and installed in seconds, they are the perfect solution for protecting floors AND creating a quieter classroom. 




MuffleStick is a versatile product that can be matched to just about any classroom décor. With self-adhesive backing, it doesn’t get any easier than this. These panels are ideal for reducing the reverberation time and improving the sound clarity of your classroom! Available in over 60 colours, there are plenty of options to brighten your space.  

Impact Screens 


Create separation with these moveable screens. Easy to position wherever they are needed, these screens are the perfect solution for enforcing social distancing in classrooms with added sound absorption! Free standing with no tools required for assembly, Impact Acoustic’s acoustic stands are available in 21 colours and 4 unique designs!