Offices often suffer with distractingly high noise levels, both from obvious noises such as chatter and phone calls, to the seemingly innocent and smaller noises like typing and mouse clicking. Kitting out your workspace with some high-quality office acoustic solutions will help create a calm, peaceful, and productive working environment for your employees.

1. Acoustic Panels

Acoustic panels are an excellent acoustic solution for offices. The panels absorb some of the noise within the space, helping to reduce reverberation and improve speech clarity. As wall panels are such a popular acoustic solution for offices, there are plenty of options out there for style and design. Whether you’re looking for something simple and subtle or something bold and bright, it’s more than likely there is an acoustic panel to suit your office’s style and aesthetics.

The best part about acoustic panels is that they don’t take up any extra floor space. Installed onto walls or ceilings, the panels don’t take up any extra room – leaving your office de-cluttered and spacious.

Acoustic Moss Panels

acoustic moss panels

Acoustic moss panels are a slightly more unique type of acoustic wall panel. They’re great for including a sense of nature and greenery into the space. As office employees are often inside for long periods of time, having a bit of nature in the room can really help to boost people’s moods.

They can be used as entire moss walls or as a smaller wall feature, but either way they add a beautiful pop of colour and nature to the space. You might be thinking ‘oh no, another plant in the office to look after!’ but despite the moss being real, the panels require no watering or maintenance.

Acoustic Wall Art / Printed Acoustic Panels

MuffleArt - acoustic wall art

There are plenty of colourful and patterned acoustic panels out there, but you can take your acoustic interior décor one step further with printed acoustic panels. Acoustic wall art is a great way of incorporating acoustics into your space without compromising your office’s interior décor. If you’re a fan of having art on your office walls, acoustic wall art is the perfect solution for your office.

2. Acoustic Screens

Acoustic screens, also known as hanging screens or acoustic room dividers, are an ideal acoustic solution for open plan offices. Open plan offices are usually in place to keep the room open and collaborative, making it easy for colleagues to work together. However, open plans can be a breeding grounds for noise and bad office acoustics. Acoustic screens are the best way to keep all the benefits of an open plan design without having to worry about distractions and high noise levels.

Desk Dividers

For smaller offices, desk dividers and screens are a great alternative. They’re much smaller, don’t take up any floor space, and are a great way to reduce the build up of noise.

desk divider - acoustic solution for offices

3. Acoustic Furniture

Acoustic furniture is an easy way to incorporate acoustic properties into the office. If you have a breakout or lunch area, swapping out some furniture for some acoustic furniture can make a real difference to noise levels. Acoustic furniture such as acoustic pods or booths are also a great addition, allowing meetings to take place in private and without disturbing those around them.

4. Acoustic Rafts

Acoustic rafts - office acoustic solution

Acoustic rafts are the ideal acoustic solution for offices with high ceilings, limited floor space, or walls unsuitable for panels. Acoustic rafts are essentially acoustic panels suspended from the ceiling horizontally. They help to absorb sounds from above to keep noise levels in the area below lower. As another popular office acoustic solution, acoustic rafts come in many shapes and designs that will suit your office perfectly.

5. Acoustic Ceiling Tiles

Acoustic ceiling tiles are another fantastic way to incorporate an acoustic solution into your office. By installing acoustic ceiling tiles, you get all the acoustic benefits without having to worry about design, aesthetics, or layout.

Which Acoustic Solution is Best for My Office?

This question doesn’t have a simple answer. Every office is different, has separate acoustic needs and requires different types of acoustic solutions. If you’re struggling to decide what acoustic products would be best for your office space, there’s no need to worry, you can get some advice and guidance from our acoustic experts!