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  1. BuzziBell

    As low as £1,495.00
  2. BuzziBooth

    As low as £3,373.00
  3. BuzziHub

    As low as £3,397.00
  4. BuzziPouf

    As low as £751.00
  5. BuzziSkin Printed

    As low as £480.00
  6. BuzziCactus

    As low as £754.00
  7. BuzziFalls Standing

    As low as £404.69
  8. BuzziDonut

    As low as £525.52
  9. BuzziDish

    As low as £436.15
  10. BuzziShade Square LED

    As low as £982.41
  11. BuzziShade XL and XXL

    As low as £747.89
  12. BuzziTotem

    As low as £735.63

Items 1-12 of 31

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BuzziSpace design some of the most aesthetically appealing acoustic solutions in the industry, with products ranging from panels and wall coverings to innovative furniture units and meeting pods. We're delighted to be able to bring you a selection of their products that you can buy online now. Take a look at each product in more detail to see the colours and designs available, as well as acoustic specification.

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Nous acceptons les commandes de toute l'UE pour ces produits. S'il vous plaît visitez la page du produit pour plus d'informations.

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