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Fabricks (Complete System)

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The award winning Fabricks™ super acoustic bricks can be quickly
configured and reconfigured to flexibly change open plan spaces.
The ‘house brick’ style gives interlocking rigidity to the design,
and the 3D Pyramid, Stripe and Chunk options provide a
beautiful textured finish. The extruded aluminium posts also
accommodate power and data cables and can be combined
retrospectively to alter the height of the wall. With great acoustic
credentials Fabricks™ offer acoustic and visual privacy without
building permanent floor to ceiling walls.

Please see below for pictures of the brick designs and please use the text box to tell us the secondary colour configurations. Please make sure you select a main colour from the swatch below. We will contact you for clarification on colours before production begins. Use the bottom right hand corner icon on the text box to expand the viewing area.

Designs are made using the following number of bricks:

1200x1200: 3no 1200x400

1200x1600: 4no 1200x400

1200x1800: 4no 1200x400, 1no 1200x200

1200x2000: 5no 1200x400

Other configurations are available.

Please select main colour using the swatches and then let us know in the text box provided what other colours and quantities you would like. Alternatively, email/call us after ordering.