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The dB Pillar works wonders for the soundscape. In combination with the material, the design of the product gives it unique acoustic features. It radically reduces the levels of low frequency noise, whilst adding a contemporary look to your furniture. The dB Pillars are available in several colours and styles.

  • Pillars available in various styles and colours
  • Absorbs sound
  • Multi-functional acoustic furniture
  • A sustainable product range

Dimensions (mm): 420 x 1600 | 470 x 700/ 1930 | 850 x 720

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The dB Pillar is filled with sound-absorbing waste fabric from Abstracta’s factory in Lammhult. As a result, the product contributes to Abstracta’s long-term goal of achieving a circular production process. dB Pillar is available as a desk, stool and pillar with various functions and appearances, e.g. newspaper rack with planter on top. All products in the series feature electric outlets and are available in lots of different fabrics and colours.

"A game-changer in the field of acoustic furniture." Designed by: Thomas Bernstrand


Acoustics: Absorption

Materials: Acoustic core | Fabric - focus melange | Aluminium /Steel | Wooden solid pine frame | Polyester

Electricity: Integrated electrical outlets (available with dB Pillar desk)

Dimensions (mm):
  • dB Flower Trellis - 420 x 1600
  • dB Pillar with flowerpot - 470 x 700
  • dB Pillar with magazine rack - 470 x 1930
  • dB Pillar with e3 whiteboard - 470 x 1930
  • dB Pillar desk - 850 x 720

Sold per unit/ Price displayed per unit