Jumbo Acoustic Sealant Gun

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Jumbo Acoustic Sealant Applicator Gun

  • Jumbo Sealant Applicator Gun
  • With swivel action and extra heavy duty push rod mechanism to cope with stiff acoustic sealants.
  • For all 900ml cartridges.
  • Using the Gun
  • Fitting the cartridge

Retract the plunger by pressing the thumb plate and pulling the plunger back as far as it will go. Feed the nozzle of the cartridge through the hole at the end of the gun so that the cartridge fits into the collar. Then press the trigger and repeat until the plunger enters the hollow at the rear of the cartridge.

The sprung trigger is used to feed the plunger down the gun and apply pressure to the cartridge, thus pushing the sealant through the nozzle. To release the pressure you need only press the thumb plate and pull back on the plunger!