Luminaire Cover Ceiling Installation

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The Luminaire cover has been developed to provide maximum protection for ceilings where fire resistant tiles have
been replaced by light fittings.
The cover has been designed to allow for ease of fitting. It is self locating and cannot be fitted incorrectly.
The cover also gives additional insulation protection to the ceiling void reducing the chance of ignition of
accumulated dust and insulation. The cover is unaffected by moisture and is non toxic. With the cover in place, the
modular light fitting can be installed as normal.

Fire Rated Luminaire Cover

Fire Hood - 60 minute fire rated Luminaire Cover
• BS 476 Part 23:1987
• Restores and maintains the fire protection
performance of the ceiling
• Simple to fix above or below ceiling - in minimal time
• No clips, screws, drilling or additional
support required.
• Sizes to fit a wide range of modular 600 x 600mm and
1200 x 600mm fittings.
• Lightweight: 1.5 - 2.5 kg
• Cost effective.
Product Description
Astro Lumi Cover