Vocal Screen Lite

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Vocal Screen Lite

The new Universal Acoustics Vocal-Screen Lite is a very simple but extremely effective Microphone Reflection Filter. 

Perfect for use in Home, Project and Commercial studios the Vocal-Screen Lite can be stand mounted (stand not included) or flush positioned on a desk top to capture and provide a cleaner and more focused recording by reducing the reverberation and unwanted reflections generated within the vocalist or musician’s environment.

Suitable for use with a wide variety of microphones and ideal for recording Vocals and speech, Voice-overs and Podcasts, the Vocal-Screen Lite is also particularly useful for close micing guitar amps, percussion, pianos and orchestral instruments and close capturing their pure tones and unique characteristics.


Universal Acoustics products are designed and manufactured in the UK to provide a no compromise performance at realistic and affordable prices.



Single section dark Charcoal acoustic foam

Width 410mm, Height 332mm, Depth 308mm

Weight 800 g

25-28 kg/m3 Polyester acoustic foam . Fire Rating UL94HF1 or FMVSS302

Removable base mounted Metal stand adaptor – for 3/8” thread