Autex Quietspace 3D Ceiling Tiles

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As low as £56.88
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Project a new landscape into your suspended ceiling grid system with Quietspace® 3D Ceiling Tiles; a vibrant and visually appealing three dimensional ceiling tile that maintains acoustic balance. Lightweight and semirigid;
Quietspace 3D Ceiling Tiles provide an alternative to traditional composite ceiling tiles that will enrich your environment whilst reflecting a unique personality with an unparalleled aesthetic.
An ideal option for high ceiling applications; Quietspace 3D Ceiling Tiles can also be used in suspended islands to create focused and centralised acoustic control.
Made from 100% polyester and containing a minimum of 60% post-consumer recycled material, Quietspace 3D Tiles are completely safe, non-toxic, non allergenic, non-irritant and certified low VOC. Available in a range of bright, contemporary colours and styles; Quietspace 3D Ceiling Tiles provide an easy solution and add a modern touch to cafés, restaurants and lively commercial environments. Simply swap out traditional tiles as Quietspace Ceiling 3D Tiles will clip straight into a 575 x 575mm traditional ceiling grid.

Please note price is per panel and the minumim order is for 24 tiles (3 boxes of 8). Thereafter, increments of 8 can be added.