Fabricks Mobile Acoustic Screen - 1400 x 1200mm

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Fabricks are revolutionising open plan spaces with their innovative acoustic walls. Using their unique acoustic screens, you can create a sense of privacy without having to install permanent walls that deplete the uncluttered nature of an open plan design. With outstanding acoustic abilities, the acoustic screens reduce noise levels and improve the interior sound quality.

  • Class A sound absorption
  • Lightweight and easy to install
  • Includes wheels for easy movement

Dimensions (mm): 1400 x 1200

Sold per complete system

Open plan environments are ideal for creating a collaborative space that promotes productivity and creativity. However, whilst open plans have several advantages, they also have a few disadvantages – poor sound quality and high noise levels being some of the biggest. Especially in an office environment, this can be destructive to productivity and people’s abilities to focus.

In a larger and more open space, reverberation times are typically longer, which causes poor sound quality and increased noise levels. By using this acoustic screen from Fabricks, you can create a noise barrier that reduces reverberation and noise build-up. This makes it ideal for environments such as offices, waiting rooms, and restaurants, that suffer with excessive background noise.

Not only does this acoustic screen offer a plethora of acoustic benefits but it also adds an eye-catching element of design to the room. The unique appearance offers a striking visual appeal and as the wall comes with wheels, it’s easy to move around when needed.

This product can be customised to create your very own bespoke wall. For more information, please get in touch to discuss all possible options.