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Hexagonal wall panels never fail to provide stunning interior décor and BuzziBlox Hexa does this whilst offering exceptional acoustic benefits. With thick foam layers, these acoustic panels offer maximum sound absorption to create a more pleasing environment both in aesthetics and acoustics.

  • Simple, stylish, and practical
  • High acoustic performance
  • Several excellent colours to choose from
  • Helps with low, mid, and high tones
  • Available in 3 sizes
  • Fixing system included

Dimensions (mm): 600 x 693 x 40/80/120

Sold per panel / Price displayed per panel

This hexagonal wall panel offers outstanding acoustic performance with its thick foam layers that ensure maximum sound absorption. The impressive wall panels work to absorb low, mid, and high tones making this the ideal panel for no matter the acoustic requirements.

When using multiple wall panels, we recommend purchasing the panels in a variety of depths to maximise absorption and respread of differing sound frequencies can be achieved. As well as maximising acoustic performance, the difference in depths will add an eye-catching texture to your interior design.


Acoustics: Maximum absorption

Frame: Poplar Multiplex

Filling: Acoustic foam | Dacron

Back: Black textile

Installation: Wall mount fixing system included - BuzziBlox can also be suspended from ceiling, ceiling suspension system available on request

Dimensions (mm):

Hexa H-4 600 x 693 x 40

Hexa H-8 600 x 693 x 80

Hexa H-12 600 x 693 x 120

Hexa Wedge H-Wedge 600 x 693 x 120

Sold per panel / Price displayed per panel

Did you know this product is Quiet Mark certified?