Abstracta Scala Hanging Screen

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Hanging screens are a great addition to almost any space, offering excellent acoustic benefits as well as additional privacy and an added element of intriguing interior design. The Scala Hanging Screen from Abstracta is ideal for breaking up open plan environments without completely dividing the space. Available in 4 colours and with the option to hang horizontally or vertically with adjustable wires, this acoustic screen suits almost any interior requirements.

  • Can be hung either vertically or horizontally
  • Fixings included
  • Adjustable wire heights
  • Class A sound absorption
  • Recyclable material

Dimensions (mm): 1207 x 1600 x 60 | 1207 x 400 x 60

Sold per unit/ Price displayed per unit

Abstracta Scala Hanging Screen can contribute a significant difference to the space its installed into. The sleek grooved design not only offers a subtle yet effective addition to the interior but also enhances its acoustics capabilities by increasing the surface area, allowing the panel to absorb more sound and achieve Class A absorption levels.

The adjustable wires make it easy to accommodate the needs of your space. Place the hanging screen higher and horizontal to create private alcoves for meetings or hang lower and vertical to break up an open space and help reduce noise levels.


Acoustics : Absorption | Diffusion

Materials : Fittings - Aluminium | Suspension wire and screws - Steel | Plastic - Snap clips | Acoustic Panel - 100% Polyester

Assembly : The Scala hanging screen is suspended from the ceiling on 4x 3m length aluminium wires. Please see installation manual below for fixing instructions!

Dimensions (mm): 1207 x 1600 x 60 | 1207 x 400 x 60

Sold per unit/ Price displayed per unit