BuzziSpace BuzziDee Plus Acoustic Furniture

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An armchair with a difference, BuzziDee Plus is a flexible seating solution, ideal for almost any environment that wants to achieve comfort in more ways than one. The dense acoustic foam body delivers effective noise reduction whilst the high-quality fabric offers an attractive appearance. With several colour options all from BuzziSpace’s iconic colour palette, finding an armchair to suit your space has never been easier.

  • Offers maximum sound absorption and diffusion
  • Comfortable upholstered wooden back
  • Effective with low, high, and mid tones
  • Available in a wide range of colours
  • Creates a well balanced space

Dimensions (mm): 575 x 570 x 760

Sold per unit / Price displayed per unit

BuzziDee Plus is a twist on BuzziSapce’s iconic BuzziDee. The acoustic armchair offers everything that the original BuzziDee offers plus the addition of an arm and back rest to maximise comfort. The acoustic foam body along with its soft edges and 3D patterns aid in sound absorption and diffusion that contribute to an overall well-balanced space.

BuzziDee Plus, despite its appearance, is lightweight so you can easily move the armchair wherever its needed. Whether you want to create an impromptu informal meeting or set up a comfortable breakout zone, rearranging the space to suit your needs is simple. The high-performance sound absorption will reduce disruption to others as well as help keep conversations private.


Acoustics: Maximum absorption | Maximum diffusion

Filling: Acoustic foam

Bottom: 5x Plastic feet (Wheels available on request, please get in touch!)

Upholstery: BuzziFabric Cat A

Dimensions (mm): 575 x 570 x 760

Sold per unit / Price displayed per unit

Did you know this product is Quiet Mark certified?