BuzziSpace BuzziDonut Acoustic Raft

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BuzziDonut is a unique acoustic panel designed to offer high performance sound absorption and diffusion as well as provide a sense of fun to an interior. This acoustic panel is ideal for any contemporary space, whether it’s commercial or residential to improve both the acoustic performance and interior décor.

  • High performance sound absorption and diffusion
  • Suitable for wall mounting or ceiling suspension
  • Best attenuates mid to high frequencies
  • Adds a modern twist to an interior
  • Available in a wide range of colours and various sizes

Dimensions (mm): Ø800 x 60 | Ø1000 x 60 | Ø1200 x 60

Sold per unit / Price displayed per unit

As with all BuzziSpace products, BuzziDonut has been manufactured with high-quality, high-performance, sound absorbing materials that offer outstanding sound control. This acoustic panel can be installed either suspended from the ceiling or mounted on the wall. Keep your interior exciting by using a mixture of suspended and wall mounted panels!

The acoustic panel’s soft edge successfully diffuses sound whilst the main body that features a high density and is made from sound absorbing materials delivers a high acoustic performance.


Acoustics: Maximum absorption | Maximum diffusion

Core: Honeycomb cardboard | MDF

Filling: Acoustic foam

Fabric: BuzziFabric Cat A

Back: Black textile

Installation: Wall mount fixing system includes 2x metal wall brackets excluding screws.

Ceiling suspension fixing system includes 4x 2m aluminium cables and fastener excluding screws (5m length cables & alternate magnet fixing system available on request, please get in touch!)

Dimensions (mm):

Small: Ø800 x 60

Medium: Ø1000 x 60

Large: Ø1200 x 60

Sold per unit / Price displayed per unit