Abstracta Trumpet Acoustic Suspended Lamp

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Abstracta's Trumpet acts as a reversed trumpet – instead of producing sound, it absorbs sound. The trumpet has a solid wood body and an acoustic core made from recycled waste fabric. This Suspended absorber is available with or without LED lighting. Features of the Trumpet are:

  • Available in several colours
  • Easily adjustable height
  • Fixings included
  • Elegant aesthetic with a thin body made from sustainable materials
  • Available in up light and downlight versions, as well as a version that features both

Dimensions (mm): 1040 x 515 x 80 | 2040 x 515 x 80

Sold per unit/ Price displayed per unit

Trumpet is characterized by simplicity and a careful attention to the detail, which become obvious when you have a close look. Trumpet is remarkably thin, which gives the product a certain elegance. Yet, it makes a huge difference when it comes to noise. Stone Designs developed Trumpet as a response to echoes and lighting needs in open-plan spaces. These fixtures have a large surface area, which means that they can capture sound waves before they travel upwards and become echoes.

Anyone who appreciates modern design and sustainability will benefit from Trumpet acoustic ceiling lights. These slimline lamps come with in-built dimmable LED lights which will illuminate offices, study spaces, and home working spaces.


Acoustics: Absorption | Attenuation

Materials: Aluminium profile | Steel fittings | Wooden solid pine frame | Plastic end diffuser | Fabric - Focus melange | Core - Polyester

Lighting: 230 V input

Install: Abstracta Trumpet is intended to be suspended from the ceiling using the provided 3m wire with ceiling anchor & bracket. 6m electrification cables also included

Dimensions (mm): 1040 x 515 x 80 | 2040 x 515 x 80

Sold per unit/ Price displayed per unit