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Soundproofing Ceilings & SoundBlockers

Whether you’re concerned about loud music or noisy footsteps, SoundBlockers and other soundproofing solutions are ideal for preventing the transmission of noise from the room above into your space below. At Muffle, we’re very pleased to offer a range of options for various applications and floor types, including high quality SoundBlockers and other ceiling coverings.

We provide solutions for both airborne and impact noise, which means that residential and commercial applications alike can benefit from soundproofing ceilings. Soundproofing products suitable for use in just about any space. If you’re not sure which solution is right for you and your space, then please give us a call or use our live chat function.

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  1. Ecophon Hygiene Clinic

    As low as £176.68
  2. Ecophon Combison Duo A

    As low as £13.39
  3. Rockwool RW3

    As low as £32.75

9 Items

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