We might be biased, but we think acoustic panels are always worth installing. With so many benefits and no real downsides, why wouldn’t they be worth it? But we’ll put bias aside and give you plenty of information to let you form your own opinion on the worth of acoustic panels.

Why Acoustics Matter

Acoustic panels effectively improve the acoustics of a space, but why does the status of a room’s acoustics even matter? Acoustic quality matters because the acoustics of a space can make a significant difference in our daily lives. Whether this difference is positive or negative depends on whether a room’s acoustics are good or bad.

Bad acoustics in a restaurant can create uncomfortably loud noise levels that ruin the ambience – thus lowering the dining experience for guests. Bad acoustics in an office environment can cause background noise to build up and make concentration difficult. Bad acoustics in a concert hall can cause echo and lower the sound quality – potentially ruining the performance. These are just a few of the many examples we could use to explain why acoustics make such a big difference.

Direct Effects of Bad Acoustics

Increased Reverberation

One of the most common problems that areas with poor acoustics face is excessive reverberation. Reverb can cause sound to become muffled and unclear. This can reduce speech clarity and create communication issues.

Increased Noise Levels

acoustic panels reduce noise levels

Without acoustic treatment, there isn’t as much absorbent material to take in excess noise and reduce the reflected sounds. This causes noise to build up quickly. Even the smaller, seemingly innocent noises can wreak havoc in the space.

Concentration Difficulties

A lack of acoustic panels can cause background noise to become very apparent. Especially in offices or any places of work, this may create an unproductive environment. People are likely to find it much more difficult to focus on their tasks and get their work completed if the room is filled with the background noise of people chatting and typing.

Benefits of Installing Acoustic Panels

Reduced Background Noise

Acoustic panels are highly sound absorbent and so they take in a good amount of the background noise within a space. This helps to lower the noise levels, especially in places that produce a high amount of background noise such as restaurants and offices. With a considerable amount of people talking, you need to find ways to reduce the noise levels otherwise customers will have an unpleasant dining experience and office workers could lose productivity. Acoustic panels are one of these ways.

Clearer Speech

Acoustic panels are highly effective at reducing reverberation and echo. This reduction in reverb helps to create a clearer, crisper sound environment. Along with a reduction in reverberation, when acoustic panels are installed in large open spaces such as churches or banquet halls the panels will aid in the reduction of echo. This will improve speech clarity, making it easier for people to hear others clearly.

Better Experiences

acoustic panels for better experiences

A cinema doesn’t give you its immersive, cinematic experience by accident. The big screen, ambient lighting, comfy seats, and high-quality speakers all contribute to this captivation. However, without a thought about room acoustics, the expensive speakers and huge screen wouldn’t matter. Acoustic panels, and a range of other acoustic treatments, are used in cinemas to ensure visitors get the perfect, cinema experience. Without the help of acoustic panels and other treatments, the visit would be average at best. The same applies for home cinemas. If you’re thinking of setting up your very own home cinema, acoustic panels are definitely worth it.

Cinemas are just one example, but there are plenty of other events where acoustics can make or break the experience for its visitors. Concerts, church ceremonies, gym sessions, all require acoustic treatment to improve the overall enjoyment.

Unique Décor

acoustic panels for unique decoration

Acoustic panels don’t just benefit the sound environment of a space – they can also contribute to the creation of stunning interior designs. Acoustic panels are available in a broad range of designs, shapes, and sizes that allow you to develop eye-catching interior décor or feature walls whilst improving the acoustics!

Do You Think Acoustic Panels are Worth it?

Now that you have a better idea of how acoustics can affect a space and how acoustic panels can reduce that negative affect, do you think acoustic panels are worth it?

If your answer is yes, why not get shopping! You can browse our wide range of high-quality acoustic panels right now, or you can give us a call and we’ll help you find the best acoustic panel for your space.