A good set of acoustic panels will always help to absorb sound within a space wherever the panels are placed. However, to get the most out of your acoustic panel’s, placement should be a little more carefully considered.

Why Acoustic Panel Placement is Important

The placement of acoustic panels can make a significant difference to the impact they have on the acoustics in your space. Bad placement can reduce the performance of the acoustic panels, whereas with the right placement, you can enhance the acoustic properties of the panels to create the optimum acoustic environment.

Where Should I Put My Acoustic Panels?

Space Acoustic Panels Apart Evenly Across the Wall

Acoustic panels evenly spaced apart

Clumping acoustic panels together is often done for decorative effect, however if you want to further boost the acoustic effects of your panels, it’s best to leave even gaps between the panels going across the wall. This way you can cover more surface area with less panels. This method also ensures there is an even amount of sound absorption throughout the room.

Installing acoustic panels on parallel walls is another great way of enhancing the acoustic effect of your wall panels. To get the maximum acoustic benefits, alternate the panels across the wall so there is no space between the two walls that doesn’t have acoustic panel coverage. By doing this, you can ensure there are no direct paths for sound to travel across.

Place Acoustic Panels at the Height of the Sound

Acoustic panels are most effective when they are placed at the height of where most of the sound is created - this is usually at ear level. In environments such as offices where people are likely sat down most of the time, the panels should be lower to match ear height. In a place where people are more likely to be stood – such as in recording studios, acoustic panels will need to be slightly higher to match ear height.

Put Acoustic Panels Wherever You Want Some Extra Décor!

Decorative acoustic panels - MuffleArt

Acoustic panels are a great way to add some extra décor to your space. Most acoustic panels are made to look good whilst serving their acoustic purpose. With a wide variety of shapes, colours, designs, and materials it’s rare that you won’t find an acoustic panel that works with the aesthetic of your interior. Acoustic panels with art are a popular choice for those using acoustic panels as decoration as well as for the acoustic benefits.

Do You Want Some Expert Guidance?

If you’re not 100% sure where you should be placing your acoustic panels, there’s no need to panic! Our acoustic experts at Muffle can help you choose the right panels for your space and help you to get the most out of your acoustics panels. Please feel free to get in touch, we’re always happy to help!