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  1. 14six8 Fluid

    As low as £13,601.25
  2. 14six8 Vine

    As low as £1,215.00
  3. 14six8 Timber

    As low as £195.00
  4. 14six8 Synergy

    As low as £7,711.00
  5. 14six8 Swarm

    As low as £2,295.00
  6. 14six8 Pulse

    As low as £10,282.50
  7. 14six8 Kaya

    As low as £92.08
  8. 14six8 Hive

    As low as £1,863.75
  9. 14six8 Dew

    As low as £386.25
  10. 14six8 Hide

    As low as £408.75
  11. 14six8 Harmony

    As low as £270.00
  12. 14six8 Groove

    As low as £3,487.50

12 Items

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Through the vision of creating contemporary furniture from sustainable and recycled material 14six8 draws on inspiration from natural elements to produce acoustic friendly office solutions.

14six8 strives to discover the relationship and unity of art, function and form within our unique acoustic furniture collection. A collection that carries a signature of creative freedom co-existing with every day functionality to inspire any environment to excel itself whether suspended from the ceiling or resting on the floor. The acoustic collection explores the reaction and interaction of pieces designed not only as furniture but as art that stir the emotions of the spaces they inhabit.

Emphasis on strong visual appeal is what we aim for. Our pieces become a statement of our experiences and we want to share that with our clients. We invite you to join our acoustic world and experience what can only be described as a journey.

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