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My Space is Too Echoey! 



The sound that could also be perceived as ‘echoey’ is known as reverberation. Where echo is a sound being repeated due to the reflection of waves, reverberation is the build-up of sound due to multiple reflections. Imagine you are in a bathroom speaking, the way you hear your voice is due to all the hard surfaces in the room that cause reverberation. Reverberation can cause many serious issues within a space.

The treatment of reverberated sounds is important in any space as the build-up of sound can cause issues including loudness and issues with speech intelligibility. In turn, these issues can cause people to lose concentration, make mistakes in the workplace and often cause headaches.





Imagine you are having a meeting in the boardroom and there are no soft materials or acoustic absorption present in the room, then the voice of the presenter will reverberate. The reverberation will build and build as there is no absorption to convert the sound energy, thus stopping the sound. This reverberation will make it hard for everyone else to understand what the speaker is saying. Therefore, it is important to treat your space.

We have recommended some products below that would be suitable for your application, but if you are still unsure on what product you require or would simply like to talk to one of our acoustic specialists, click the button below or give us a call.





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  1. MuffleLight Fabric - Acoustic Raft

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  2. Fluffo Chevron 3D Soft Acoustic Panel

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